Our Online Music Course Will Teach You To Become A Professional Musician.
On Completion Of This Online Course You Would Have Learnt How To Make Your Own Music
Transform Your Music Ideas
You will learn how to transform your music ideas into tangible assets
We have video courses which will show you step by step how to make an idea into music.

You will see how our professional producer, turns his ideas into extraordinary music which can then be recorded in a professional studio.
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About The Course

Our online course is broken down in six stages with sub-modules in each stage and a bonus stage. This makes it easier for you to absorb this top quality music knowledge and enhance you skills to professional in no time. The intensity of this course packs a whole lot of punch which will boost your music making skills to a whole new level.

Our Six Core Course Stages Are:-

  1. Introduction to music production
  2. Introduction to Fl studio
  3. Introductions To Kick, Claps, Snares and Hi-hat
  4. Patterns and Structure
  5. Introduction to mixing
  6. Export formats
  7. Bonus
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We Take Pride In Our Work Because Your Success Is Our Success.
Playing Guiter
Music Is Our Passion
We always put our clients first and our professionals are always willing to help you with your challenges

We are recommended worldwide by our clients and all our clients are always satisfied with our services and quality of delivery.

Music is our only profession that's why our professionals deliver the best of service .

Our passion is always our music and we are sharing that passion with you; we are always open to receive your love.
Course Units
These are the core unit you will be learning in this course
Stage One
  • Introduction to music production
  • Music and Song Genres
  • Production software's
Stage Two
  • Introduction to FL Studio
  • Beat Tempos
  • Vst, Vsti, Midi and Sound Devices
Stage Three
  • Introductions to Kicks, Claps, Snares and Hi-hat
  • Melody Class and Midi Connection
  • Bass Class
Stage Four
  • Patterns
  • Structures
  • Development Episode One
  • Development Episode Two
  • Development Episode Three
  • Development Episode Four
Stage Five
  • Introduction To Mixing
  • Linking To Mixer
  • Equalizers
  • Compressors
  • Limiters
  • Fx's
  • Delay and Reverb
  • Levelling and Panning
  • Automation
Stage Six
  • Introduction To Export
  • Mp3 & Wav
  • Course Conclusion
  • Bonus
I approached Make Your Own Music because I was looking for a community and platform online which would teach me how to make beats, how to mix and how to export sounds in the right format.

Make Your Own Music helped me by showing me exactly what I asked for, they already laid it out as an online episode which is an easy step-by-step guide. The result was astonishing I am now confident in making beats, mixing and exporting sounds.

The things I liked about them is their team and the layout and quality of this course; their team are so helpful, patience and polity they made the course so easy to absorb and they are always willing to assist whenever you call for it and the layout is simple, focused and motivating.

I found the experience to be the best learning experience I have ever received online. I would recommend Make Your Own Music to people who need to learn how to make their own music, mixing of beats, and exporting.

This online learning experience is one of a kind to me and I must say they are worth 10 Stars.
The price label of Make Your Own Music was hefty. Would it be worth the money?

I can confirm that it definitely was.

The online course covered a lot of material, conveyed in concise chunks that were easy to absorb. The structure of the course was clear, logical and effective. DAMEMPIRE has obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing it.

But it wasn’t just about the new knowledge. The main benefits came from the online webinars, receiving individual feedback and interacting with a music producer and engineer.

This format gave me the confidence to implement new techniques on my music production immediately, in contrast to my past failed attempts. I didn’t just learn to make music – “how” and “why” also became much clearer.
Move with passion and become a professional musician.
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